Save your Seat for LobsterFest this Summer

The wonderful thing about Belize, and our little corner of it here on Ambergris Caye is that there’s always something to look forward to. And right now, I’m thinking about the LobsterFest happening in the summer. As I write this, it’s early February, it’s 82°F/28°C and sunny out here, because, yes, it almost always is. It’s a perfect place to spend what is seen by most people in the northern latitudes as the bleakest month of the year. We have blue skies, blue oceans, golden sand, lush green foliage and of course the beautiful smiles and friendly disposition of its citizens.   

The cool thing is, though, these colors and smiles are the norm for us – the baseline. And things get even better from there. As therapeutic and wonderful as a February stay is for sun-starved Canadians and Americans, there’s always something else special going on. Belize is home to people who love to celebrate, eat, dance, sing, and enjoy life the way it was supposed to be enjoyed.

One of the many celebrations that should never be missed is Lobsterfest. It runs through July and August, and the whole country gets involved, with beach parties, restaurant parties, bar parties and fiestas everywhere, including San Pedro and Ambergris Caye, of course.

If you like lobster, you will love Belizean lobsters. Our waters are pristine and full of life, and lobsters are abundant in the summer months. They are a delicacy and a special event, mainly because of how delicious they are but also because they’re not something you generally want to prepare at home. And our lobsters aren’t flown in from halfway around the world like most North American restaurants have to do. They’re big, fresh and delicious, especially when eaten outside under the warm Belizean sky.

If you don’t like lobster, of course that’s not a problem. There is always a great selection of wonderful food and drink to satisfy all dietary choices. It’s a festival, after all, and even though lobster may be the main attraction, there’s something to please everyone.

If you have never tried lobster before, or if you’re unsure how to eat one, it’s a great experience to learn from the master chefs and servers, who are only too happy to see people enjoy this amazing dining experience for the first time.

Summer festivals in Belize are great because they capture the marvels of a Caribbean summer – the heat, the energy and the long sunlit days that ever so slowly give over to warm starlit nights.

It’s also off-peak season, which means you get more of the country to yourself. Most visitors schedule their vacations for the winter months, and this means the amenities and the pricing are even more advantageous during the summer. What’s not to love about that? So, I really hope you will join us in kicking off the summer in a delicious and memorable way by taking part in the world-famous Belizean tradition called Lobsterfest. It’s the kind of event you’ll treasure forever, no matter how many times you attend.

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